Monday, September 11, 2017

Sjaelland Zone Conference September 2017

Sjaelland Zone Conference got started a little late due to traffic.  So What better way to spend the time than taking pictures of missionaries waiting to enjoy, learn, change and become better disciples of Christ through Zone Conference training? 

We have an abundance of musical missionaries!  Thank you Elder Burgin:-)
Introduction of the newly arrived missionaries by their companions.  I wish you could hear them bear their testimonies in Danish.  We are continually amazed at their abilities.

We celebrate birthdays by singing a traditional birthday song in Danish and then receiving complimentary comments from  others .
President was pretty sneaky by diverting our attention when he was suppose to join in the birthday celebration.  But we caught him... and he had his birthday moment just like the rest of us:-)
Language training.
Stake President Bernskov came to address the missionaries regarding missionary work in the stake.  He's just one of our favorite people in Denmark.
President and Sister O'Bryant gave a training on the "Life of Christ" and "Teaching Methods of Christ".
We invited all the senior missionaries to bring their favorite recipe of BIG cookies for our snack.  The missionaries were definitely appreciative.
Assistants training on becoming better at teaching for understanding.
Elder Merrill trying to teach how a carburetor works...teaching for understanding.
The Sister Training Leaders training
Zone Leaders Training
Role Playing what they've learned is very effective.

Large bakery sandwiches and fruit for lunch before traveling back to their areas.
I don't know how any mission can be more ready to listen, learn and apply the principles of the gospel taught within the inspired manual of Preach My Gospel.  Our missionaries are anxious to become better in every aspect of their lives.  They know that through the blessings of repentance, they will be more prepared to bring salvation to a people who are living in spiritual darkness.  They bring light to the people of Denmark through the message of Christ as well as their faces.  We love these missionaries and are grateful for their sacrifice while putting their lives on hold while they strive to serve the Lord.  Denmark is truly blessed<3
Guess who surprised us by showing up after Zone Conference?  My sister from Kaysville, Utah.  They will tour Copenhagen while President and I go to Jylland for Zone Conference and Stake Conference...
They showed up at a nearby ward and were greeted by an awesome translator, Sister Barney.

A few days later my other sister joined them from Upland, California.  They were also met by an awesome translator, Elder Birch.

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  1. Thanks so much for all the pictures and for giving us updates on our missionaries. We love to see pictures and especially when they have smiles on their faces.