Monday, September 11, 2017

Jylland Zone Conference September 2017

Zone Conference was wonderful.  Not only do we have awesome missionaries who come prepared to listen, be taught and apply what they have learned, but the training was over the Life of Christ as well as learning How Jesus Taught.  Preach My Gospel, chapter 10, teaches us how to acquire better teaching skills.  Christ was the Master teacher.  We seek to become more like Him.
Beautiful day while overlooking Aarhus.  This is one of my favorite scenes in Denmark.  I just love the colors of the buildings against the blue sky with fluffy white clouds.  Denmark is truly a beautiful place.

Language training

Birthdays are celebrated by singing a traditional danish song and then giving complimentary comments.

They love this traditional birthday song...with all it's actions, of course.

Introduction of the newly arrived missionaries by their companions.

The new missionaries bear their testimonies in Danish.  It's truly incredible how much they can say and how we feel the spirit while they speak in the language.

This lucky elder has two trainers, due to odd numbers.  The humble trainers confessed that this new elder is "truly teaching" them how to be better missionaries.  They have an awesome threesome and we couldn't be happier with their efforts.

Elder Preece is one of our shorter missionaries with a very large heart and gift of love.  He likes to refer to his companionship as "Samson and Goliath".  Another great companionship.

We have the bitter sweet experience each conference of hearing departing testimonies from those about to return home.  We have watched these missionaries become their "best selves".  We rely on their examples and effectiveness.  They truly know how to love the people, sense their needs, and teach of Salvation through Christ.   This Elder is particularly admired for his command of the danish language.  We will miss you, Elder Jensen.<3
This sister is from Germany.  She has been surrounded by mostly companions from Utah.  She has taught them much and they have also taught her much.  I admire that she acclimated to two cultures here in Denmark.  We will miss you, Sister Kuhlo. <3
This sister is one of our heros.  She is a spanish-speaking sister from Spain and entered the Provo MTC to learn Danish as well as English.  Her path was definitely not an easy one.  However, she persisted in continually studying Danish first, then English.  We remember her example of diligence whenever the language seems too difficult.  We will miss you, Sister Acosta.<3

This missionary will be forever remembered for his contagious laugh and smile.  You may notice him often in our pictures.  He seems to be everywhere.  The missionaries are blessed to be his companion.  We have watched this elder truly become a disciple of Christ.  We will miss you, Elder Reed. <3

I'm not sure if there is a more humble and devoted Stake President anywhere.  We love Stake President Kreiberg.  He came to our missionaries to ask for a three year miracle.  He is asking the members to be more involved by bringing more investigators to church so these missionaries can teach and baptize them.  These disciples are truly appreciated and the members love them.

President teaching on the Life of Christ.

 After President's training we had a delicious break with BIG chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies.  This time two of our elders, Elders Christensen and Lex,  joined in making the cookies.  I wish we got a picture but it was a "BIG cookie" competition.  They were delicious also;-)

Sister O'Bryant teaching on the methods Christ used to Teach effectively.
The assistants training on how we can teach for better understanding.

Welcome to our little Italy with Pizza and salad.  Oh, and Creme soda floats for dessert;-)

Elder Blocker is very proud of his folded and tied napkins:D

Sister first...



We love these missionaries<3

Stake conference was wonderful.  We have great leaders.  We received a visit from a general authority seventy, Elder Ciacci.  The spirit was strong.  The sun was shining and the missionaries arrived early.  Perfect opportunity for another picture:-}

Stake Conference was held in a concert hall at the music center.  The choir was prepared and sung beautifully.  However, Sister O'Bryant was asked to play an organ solo, "I Believe in Christ".  Yes, she is the small dot in the middle of the picture.  This will always be known as her, "Why did I say YES" experience...but she survived....barely:-O
I suppose I should be grateful for such an awesome experience...but I'm still shaking....................................................................................etc.   I still love Denmark<3

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