Saturday, September 30, 2017

"Thirty-day-in" September 2017

The "thirty day in" the land meeting is to train these new missionaries and their companions on the most recent and effective trainings over the past year from Zone Conference.  There were 27 of us here.  The sisters had to spend the night with nearby sisters.  It was truly a full house!  President ad Sister O'Bryant and the assistants train on :  1) How to become a Preach My Gospel missionary 2) How to use time wisely 3) Faith to find 4) Cultural "No" 5) Boldness without overbearance 6) Becoming the message 7) Repentance 8) How to love your mission,  and more.  It's a wonderful reminder for the trainers and very effective for the newer missionaries. 

Role Playing is extremely effective

After training, they change into their casual clothes and either, relax, play ping pong or basketball.  Oh, and of course, have snacks:) 

The next morning comes early with traditional breakfast burritos.  Can there ever be enough food for hungry disciples?  Thankfully, yes, usually;D

President gets the Denmark "Best Dishwasher" of the year award. 

After more training, we travel to a nearby McDonalds.  They expect us every 6 weeks and spoil us. 

Back to more training...and snacks  until it's time for dinner.  Today they chose chicken enchiladas, homemade refried beans, Mexican rice, chips and peach cobbler for dessert. 

Once again, they train and then have time to relax with snacks...just in case anyone is still hungry:-O!
Here we are again for a traditional breakfast of baked french toast.  After all this eating, we pack up the leftovers and divide it up for those who want it.

After a few hours of training, we meet the "My Plan" group at the temple.  Unfortunately, not all were in time for the picture, but they made it to the session.
After the temple, we met in Copenhagen at the Fredriksberg building.  We have a traditional Dominos Pizza lunch with the "My Plan" group which consist of the most senior of our missionaries.  They share wise council on what the mission has taught them personally.  It is a wonderful sharing of experience and testimony.  (Can you find "Waldo"?)
Elder Brown sharing his testimony.
One last picture of our next group departing.  We love these missionaries and shed only a few tears as they prepare to leave.  We are proud of who they have become as we have watched them stretch and grow throughout their service to the Lord.  We ask ourselves each transfer how we can continue without them, but the Lord always provides us with more willing, enthusiastic and dedicated missionaries.  We are seriously blessed in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

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  1. Such great photos! Thank you for taking care of my Missionary!😊❤🇩🇰