Saturday, October 7, 2017

MLC October 2017

Mission Leadership Meeting begins with an arrival the night before.  We have an easy dinner of Kabobs and fruit...

...a message from President...
...and their favorite cereal, "Nougat bits".
Now breakfast comes early and President has always wanted to cook breakfast for the missionaries.    He decided on blueberry, banana pancakes and cheesey scrambled eggs.  It was delicious but it was...well a bit more messy and hectic than he had planned;)
He really loves cooking breakfast...but next time, we'll do our traditional breakfast burritos or baked french toast.  Much easier.
These disciples are effective in receiving inspiration for the mission.  Denmark is in good hands.

A traditional American roast beef meal is always appreciated.

The homemade peach cobbler for dessert was a bit controversial.  President doesn't eat dessert anymore and therefore challenged the missionaries to eat a part but use self-control by not eating it all.  Most took the challenge by pushing the dish away for a few minutes, before finishing it.  One elder strictly took one bite and would not touch it again.  All the missionaries were concerned that the ice cream would melt and that it wouldn't be worth eating anymore.  After about 15 minutes of debate, one elder decided to force feed this elder his dessert.  He immediately moved away...just far enough that three elders quickly divided the dessert and finished it off.  So much for sef-control:)  (Thank you to Elder Myers mother for the recipe:)
Today was definitely a beautiful sunny day!  It was difficult to keep our eyes open, but we did our best;-D
Preparing to travel back to their areas with a new training for their zones.

Travel safely missionaries...especially with those new mission cars.  Thank you for your service to Denmark and the Lord.

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