Saturday, October 7, 2017

October 2017 Arrivals

The Lord always provides us with the best missionaries!  They come exited, energetic, well-trained in the language,  and are ready to speak with"Real" danish people.  After eating their first danish lunch with danish pastry, they spend a few hours in Copenhagen contacting and communicating in danish.

The best bakery in Denmark
They arrive tired and ready for a good night's sleep.  However we keep them awake with a homemade traditional Christmas meal, a short fireside with testimonies, and if they are energetic enough...a round of ping pong.  Thank you Sister Shurtliff for coming to help with the meal preparations!

Every one of these missionaries "come to serve, not be served".  How can you not just love them from the moment they arrive?  We are very blessed<3
Fireside with testimonies
These Öldungar are traveling to serve in Iceland tomorrow. 
Öldungur Burnett
Öldungur Shipp
With 17 new missionaries, every corner of the mission home was occupied;D

Breakfast comes early with traditional breakfast burritos
Sisters first..(hurry sisters, these Elders are hungry;)
There's the smiles...

We seriously can't find enough for these missionaries to help with...but we do our best.
Ready for their first training before traveling to their areas. 
We love this first meeting.  After seeing a video of the baptisms that have happened in Denmark and Iceland over the last year, they are each convinced that they will be doing much more than just "planting seeds".  We have faith to baptize!
Training from our office senior couple, Elder and Sister Johnson.
Another senior missionary couple, brother and sister Koch.
With this big group, only a few of their trainers were close enough to arrive.  Each missionary will travel with a zone leader escort to their area and be picked up by their trainer.  Here Sister Peterson is met by her trainer, Sister Lanham.
Sister Thorpe meeting her trainer, Sister Jex.
Elder Owen is meeting Elder Myers.  Elder Arnold will finish training Elder Myers as well as begin training Elder Owen.
Elder Cannon is meeting his trainer, Elder Birch.
Öldungar Burnett and Shipp

Öldungur Burnett
Öldungur Shipp
Elder Fairbourne
Elder Steffensen
Sister Peterson
Sister Thorpe
Sister Hall
Sister Cole
Elder Woodforth
Elder Campbell
Elder Evans
Elder Anderson
Elder Owen
Elder Mouton
Elder Crop
Elder Hosac
Elder Cannon
Eat, meet and greet...with traditional Dominos pizza.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel to these disciples as they put their lives on hold, leave family and friends, travel to a foreign land, speak a new language, and devote themselves wholly to the service of the Lord.  We Love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission<3

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