Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October 2017 Departures

Departures are never easy... for us or the missionaries.  We focus on their abilities and what they've become but we will sorely miss their experience, dedication and knowledge.  Elder Reed's birthday was today and he chose the menu for dinner:  A traditional Danish Christmas menu.  They will miss the holidays in Denmark but they will love reuniting with family and friends.  One departing sister was not able to arrive on time due to the fact that the train system shut down for hours today... 

...but she arrived safely, finally<3
We visited together while she ate her dinner.
Elder Reed chose the traditional lagekage for his birthday cake.

Aeldste Jensen

Aeldste Brown

oldungur Johansen
Soster Acosta
Soster Kuhlo

oldungur Rodriquez

Aeldste Reed
Last training on "My Plan".

Traditional baked french toast and eggs before traveling to the airport.

We love you missionaries<3  God bless and see you in October 2018.

Elder Johansen's family came up from Nykøbing to pick him up.
Søster Kuhlo's family came from Germany to pick her up.

Serving the Lord wherever He sends us is a wonderful learning experience.  We will never be quite the same after feeling a portion of the Lord's love for his children.  A portion of our hearts go with each one of these missionaries...I suppose a portion of the Lord's goes with each of us also.   Having the full knowledge of the gospel is a great blessing in our lives.  Thank you for sharing your light with the people of Denmark and Iceland.  We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission!

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