Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 2017 Sjaellad Zone Conference

Zone Conference always begins with celebrating birthdays.  We love the enthusiastic Danish Birthday song which is followed by compliments from the other missionaries.

 Then each new missionary is introduced by his trainer...

 ...and bears a testimony in Danish.

 We hear testimonies from our next-departing missionaries.

 President O'Bryant gave a powerful training on "Repentance".  He always has a way of lightening the mood.

Role-Playing is effetive

Our Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders trained on skills for teaching repentance...
The assistants trained on more effective teaching of repentance.

Baked potato bar with chili and veggies.
Our wonderful Senior Sisters!

We also had "Flu shots" administered to the missionaries.

We love these missionaries!  They are dedicated to serving and teaching the gospel to the Danish people.  They are inspiring to work with and we are all better people just for being around them.  They are effective and faithful.  We are truly blessed.
We often have full rainbows...beautiful!

The sunsets are gorgeous<3

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