Monday, October 31, 2016

Iceland departures, arrivals, Zone Conference with Elder Paul V. Johnson and wife

Early morning pick up of Oldungar Geslison and Stirk.  Good-byes are never easy but we wish these faithful missionaries well as they return with honor to their families.  This seriously leaves a hole in our hearts.  See you at the mission reunion Elders!
Checking in...
One last picture and goodbye.

We were able to pick up Oldungur Moeller.  A little breakfast of Dunkin Donuts:-D  Due to various circumstances, he arrived one day after his MTc group.  They arrived yesterday and were picked up by the senior missionaries.

Meeting our new arrivals before Elder and Sister Johnson arrive at the church.


Elder and Sister Pfau arrived three weeks ago.  They will be serving in the Selfoss branch.  We are all so grateful to have them with us.
Oldungur Rose
Oldungar Johansen and Rose
Oldungur Wintch
Oldungar Wintch and Stewart
Oldungur Moeller
Oldungar Moeller and Rodriguez

Oldungur Clegg
Oldungar Clegg and Ludwig

Elder Paul V. Johnson and his wife arrive.  He is a seventy serving in the area presidency of Europe



Oldungur Stewart is the new zone leader and is conducting his first zone conference.  He did a gret job!

Leading the music

White handbook training

Our four new arriving missionaries shared their testimonies.

Our new senior missionaries also shared their testimonies

Elder Gudmundson will be finishing his mission in Denmark after 6 more weeks.  He shared his departing testimony.




Yummy snacks!  So appreciated!

Role playing


Our wonderful sister missionaries provide a delicious lunch...always!
Sisters first

Hungry Oldungar

This was a rare opportunity for a general authority to visit Iceland.  It was an inspired training and these missionaries are ready to serve with dedication and faithfulness to bring the gospel to the people of Iceland. There was a member meeting in the evening which was well attended, followed by another delicious pot luck dinner.  After today, two of our danish elders will be returning to Denmark to continue their missions.  We are so grateful for these mighty servants.  Elder and Sister Johnson have truly been inspired by their strength and obedience.  We love the Icelandic members and missionaries<3  We are a blessed people.
Returning to the fall colors of Denmark.

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