Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Thirty days in the land" meeting.

We have many meetings that we truly enjoy, but I must say, this one really is one of our favorites.  Our newest missionaries, and their trainers, arrive at the mission home Tuesday evening for a three day training.  As you can imagine, there is much excitement in seeing their MTC group and sharing all their adventures over the last month.
Sisters bring a level of excitement and noise that the elders don't seem to match...and we love it!
Our assistants (and President) grabbing a little snack before training begins.
Snacks before training...
Snacks and smiles...smiles and snacks...
Finally settled for a training on discipleship, repentance, etc
The missionary bunk room with 14 beds.

Morning time, bright and early:  Preparing for pumpkin chili...actually our assistants cleaned the insides out:D  Notice our wonderful "matchy, matchy" aprons.  Our senior missionaries always seem to find something to serve us with<3<3 
Just finishing up the breakfast burritos.
Always room for seconds.
Training by our assistants was so great.  They really inspired these Missionaries but I'll have to explain in our next post so I don't spoil the training for the other missionaries.
Trainer and trainee...
Training on repentance
Lunch at the nearby Mcdonalds.  They look forward to our visit every six weeks and we enjoy their service.

A great name game...

Training on "Epistles of the Lord".
Chili in a pumpkin...yummy!
Not the best lighting but dinner was successful...and note the one sister way in the back on the right;)

Pumpkin cobbler for dessert.
So many helping hands to clean up...we are seriously getting spoiled!
While cleaning up dinner, look who's helping make breakfast.
...and more help...
Job well done.
Finally to relax, we play "around the world" in ping pong.

Baked french toast for breakfast.

Beautiful day and beautiful drive to Copenhagen for more training and a temple visit.
Training on "Improved finding".

Role playing the most difficult finding situations...approaching the busy man on the street...

Success!  Setting the appointment.

Approaching the parent with a crying baby in a stroller...

Approaching the young man who is taking his newly purchased food home...

Approaching the couple on a date...

Approaching a group of  "chatty"young women...

The 1-2 minute approach in the elevator...

Training by Sister O'Bryant on how to love your mission by increasing your faith, expection and love.
A perfect ending to our three day training by attending the temple with our missionaries.
Beautiful Denmark!
Beautiful fall colors!
A quick trip to northern Jylland to speak in church.
Our faithful elders in Skive.  The branch loves their missionaries, and so do we.  We love Denmark!

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