Monday, October 31, 2016

Jylland Zone Conference with Elder Paul V. Johnson and wife

After 30 minutes of meeting Elder Johnson and his wife, these dedicated missionaries are ready and anxious for training.
More training.
Discussing specific teaching points on the Book of Mormon.

Training by Elder Johnson.  He is a seventy who is serving in the area presidency of the Europe area.
Asking advice from our missionaries about playing football.
On the spot practical training.

An inspiring musical number from our assistant
Sister Johnson sharing her testimony.

Role playing

Our senior missionaries preparing a delicious lunch in the kitchen.  Thank you!

Sisters first.

Celebrating the beautiful fall leaves with passion:-)
This visit from a general authority was fun and inspiring.  Elder and Sister Johnson were  truly impressed with the dedication, faithfulness and obedience of these disciples of the Lord.  We are so blessed to be called to serve with them.  We love you missionaries<3

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