Monday, October 3, 2016

September Zone Training Aarhus

Beginning the meeting with celebration of birthdays.
The danish birthday song is lively with imaginary instruments.
Hearing the testimony in danish from Elder Preece.
Training from our Sister Training Leader over the spiritual purpose of improving our language skills.

Training from our Zone Leaders on improving our use of the danish language.  New standard is to speak danish from 9A-9P.  We take D&C 90:11 seriously.

President, training on the spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon as well as the scholarly view.

He addressed anti-mormon philosophies.  Training on what he calls the "First Test"-the spiritual witness, as well as the "Second Test"- does it bring you closer to Christ?

Sister O'Bryant training on Joseph Smith, the prophet of the restoration.  Personal experiences and testimony gained while living in Kirtland, Ohio.

A beautiful musical selection.
Sadly, not enough time to make cookies but danish pastry never disappoints!  I can only say tht we are so grateful to have returned to Denmark after two weeks away.  If possible, we appreciate Denmark, the people and these missionaries even more.  We stand in amazement as we watch them submit to the Lord.  They listen carefully and desire to e Christ-like.  We love these missionaries.  We are humbled to be working by their side in a marvelous work.

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