Friday, June 9, 2017

Jylland Zone Conference June 2017

Our Zone Conference in June was a wonderful and long day.  It began early with Ultimate Frizbee.  By noon they were all cleaned up and ready for lunch.  After that , we had a four hour training on what we heard, felt and will apply from the mission conference with Elder Kearon and Elder Andersen.  It was a great day and we were all inspired by what we learned by the spirit.
Greeting before going to the field.

Teams were called ...

OK, OK...enough with the drama...Let's get started...

Training begins with celebrating birthdays:)

Introduction of new missionaries.
Testimony in Danish.
                                                                Departing testimonies
  Sister Larsen
Elder Larsen
Elder Magleby
Elder Erickson
Sister Andrew
Elder Olsen

Elder Baadsgaard
Sister Sorensen
Elder Tompkins
Elder Francis
Zone Leader training.

Training by President and our two assistants.

So I spent much time making BIG American cookies for these well-deserving missionaries...and my heart almost broke when I realized they were forgotten at home D:

But disappointment was not long when we bought Danish Pastry instead...YUM!  I guess we'll be having a neighborhood party with lots of American cookies:D

After a wonderful day together, these powerful teachers are on their way to the people of Denmark.  They spread a joyful message of faith, repentance and baptism which will bring lasting happiness and joy for eternity.  Denmark is truly blessed by this powerful army.  We love you missionaries and we love Denmark.

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