Friday, June 9, 2017

Zone Conference Sjaelland June 2017

Once a  year we have a Zone Conference with a "non-Competitive" game, a talent show, big lunch and an inspiring Zone Conference, of course;)  The pictures say it all.  ENJOY!

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After soccer treat:)

Can you find "Waldo"?

Rubics cube challenge...35 seconds?!
The head stand challenge.

The laughing challenge.

It worked.

Is placing a Q-tip all the way inside the nasal cavity really a talent?

She's an amazing pianist...and soloist.

 Cafe Rio...from our kitchen to you missionaries.  Lots of work but so worth it!

Elder Rodriguez joined us from Iceland for two transfers.  He has learned Danish and is very effective.

Introducing our new arriving missionaries.

Departing testimonies.

This was a great day.  We love these missionaries more than we ever knew we could.  They bring light, happiness, energy and most important...the word of Salvation to the people of Denmark.  We are truly blessed to be here.

...Once in a great while, if no one is watching,...we allow a blooper....:D


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. We truly appreciate all you do for the missionaries!

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  3. So excited for my son Elder Bailey to join you in August!!!😊