Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mission Leadership Council June 2017

We have begun a new tradition of Kabobs for the arriving missionaries for Mission Leadership Council:)

With the downstairs mission office under construction, we have no place to play ping pong.  We observed some new skills in these elders...

...and here are the photographers:)
Traditional breakfast burritos.
Ladies first...Hurry sisters...the elders are hungry.

Ready for a day of training.
Iceland Zone Leader skying in...
Language lesson.

They requested barbeque beef sandwiches, veggies with ranch dressing, and chips and salsa.
A new dessert of cream, Strawberries and gelatin...pretty yummy.

Taking our picture to show off the beautiful rododendron...
Trained and ready to travel home.
We are so blessed with amazing missionaries.  We love Denmark!

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