Saturday, June 3, 2017

May Arrivals 2017

Waiting for our arriving missionaries...hoping they come out f the doors quickly before I need to rush home and begin preparing our traditional Danish meal.
I was so sad to have to leave...but dinner will be delicious;)
Finally they arrived at the mission home after a day in Copenhagen.  They were surprisingly awake and it was a great visit.
The traditional homemade layer cake with a layer of marzipan over it.
These missionaries "come to serve, not to be served".

Ready for a day of training...

Meeting their trainers.

We are so blessed to have these missionaries.
Elder Jamison
Elders Jamison and Fairbanks
Sister Peterson
Sisters Haag and Peterson
Sister Wilkerson
Sisters Baird and Wilkerson
Traditional Dominos pizza for lunch

We are blessed<3

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  1. So happy they arrived! We sure miss them here in Provo! They will be great missionaries!🇩🇰❤️🇩🇰