Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Thirty Day In" and "My Plan" Training-June 2017

We truly love this meeting!  We get to know the new missionaries so much better after spending three days with them.  We also renew the close ties with their trainers.  We begin the training with a dinner of "Kabobs".  This is as popular as the danish hotdogs.  We begin with a "get-to-know" the president and wife, spiritual thought and prayer... and then move right into Ping pong.  Where do these missionaries get their skills?  It seems that there is nothing they can't do.  We try to keep the game non-competitive....we try.

The final two playing must spin between each play of the ball.

Morning comes early with a traditional breakfast of breakfast burritos. 
After sacred study time, we begin a long day (12 hours) of training...with a few snack and meal breaks:)
Role playing is key to preparation

...when missionaries have the iphone...:)

  Traditional lunch at McDonalds    
Assistants training
A visit from one of our favorite Danish Elders...Matthew Morgensen.  Has it really been 1 1/2 years since he departed his mission?
Somehow I only took pictures of the favorite dish.  But we had Baked chicken croissants, fresh mixed fruit, green salad with Cafe Rio dressing, and Oreo cheesecake.

President trains on Epistles of the Lord, Faith to Find, Using time wisely, repentance Self-sufficiency, teaching by the spirit...etc.  Afterwards, we hit the ping pong table again.
Another early breakfast with traditional baked french toast.

Ready to begin training at the church building behind the temple.
We had the "My Plan "group join the "Thirty Day In"group for a temple session

Traditional lunch of Dominos Pizza is a favorite

We really depend on our office couples for so many things.  They come to the temple with us, and make sure the pizza is ordered and picked up on time...among so many other things.

Ready for Sister O'Bryant's training on "Loving your mission" and "Sprinting to the end".  The new missionaries receive effective counsel from our most seasoned and experienced missionaries.  (Here's our "Where's Waldo" picture:)

Ready to depart for their areas.

Here we are with two elders and their companions who accepted the "perfect day" challenge.  It was a new challenge and through prayer, hard-work and a few miracles, Elders Burgin and Saviano accomplished the day.  They chose their favorite meal  (Cafe Rio, homemade rolls and apricot cobbler) and were treated at the mission home.
Our son arrived with his beautiful wife and family of four darling girls.  Life is busy and full of blessings<3

We took a picture of them with our newest senior couple in the office.  The Johnsons came from our sons ward and were highly recommended.  The Denmark Copenhagen Mission is in good hands with these two and we are truly blessed.

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