Saturday, March 31, 2018

Aarhus Zone Conference March 2018

Zone Conference was on The Plan of Salvation.  President trained on a better understanding and the assistants trained on more effectively teaching the subject to investigators.  It was a wonderful training.  We begin with pictures of the meet and greet before the conference begins:

White handbook training.
Language training.
Office Elders training on changes with our travel cards.
Danish birthday song with "Hoorahs".
Departing testimonies from Elder and Sister Forslund.  They have been loved by missionaries and members alike.  We will miss them.  Thank you for your faithful service<3

Introduction of Elder Kofford by his trainer, Elder Thorngren.
Bearing his testimony in Danish.
Introduction of Elder Walton by Elder Maready.
Bearing his testimony in Danish

Role playing is very effective in knowing how to teach...

Decorated for a delicious lunch. 
Honey glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls and Texas white sheet cake for lunch.  Delicious!  Thank you to our senior missionaries<3

Once a year, we have a Zone Conference followed by a sport of their choice.  Here they chose soccer and ultimate frisbee.

These missionaries are a blessing to the people of Denmark.  The members depend on them and just love them.  They work hard to become excellent listeners and teachers and we love observing  them becoming their best selves.  We are truly blessed by each one of these disciples.

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