Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Iceland Zone Conference March 2018

Every trip to Iceland is a very busy few days.  We love and miss our elders here, and since President is the District President, we are also especially close to the members.  This weekend was an experience to remember.  We held a district conference with two branches and one group.  Akureyri group was formed two years ago with 5 members and the arrival of two elders.  Eventually, we sent a senior couple up to give support.  After much hard work and a lot of faithful prayers, we now have 25 attending in the group.  Therefore the new Akureyri branch , and branch presidency was formed this weekend and will be meeting in a newly acquired building.  Many members who were able to attend the conference were blessed with a wonderful spirit of gratitude and felt the Lord's blessings on the faithful members in Iceland.   There's no doubt that the Lord will build his kingdom and his work will go forth in Iceland. 
Preparation for Zone Conference

Our assistants came to help with the long day of training and to go on splits with the missionaries.
Apparently Elder Mitchell was moving when i took this picture...lol.
Ready to begin...
Elder Jacobson giving the white handbook training.
Elder Bennett giving the language training.
Elder Wintch training on scripture scholarship.

President and I did a role play on "ineffective communication", he as the parent, and I, as the child.  Entitled "How to get your 5 yr. old to eat what they don't like".


I'm pretty sure I won, after dropping my "spaghetti" on the floor...

After wards, we both gave a training on "How to effectively communicate".  We discussed three ways to communicate: Parent, Adult or Child".  (Transactional analysis")


Two hard working, and talented senior missionaries...are very much appreciated<3

Hawaiian haystacks with peanut butter bars for dessert.

Missionaries are always ready to serve.

These disciples are taking the message of the gospel to the Icelandic people.  They have already seen four baptisms this year and have many more preparing for baptism.  They work hard through all kinds of difficulties but they are effective servants of God.  We couldn't be more proud of these epistles.  Iceland is in the Lord's hands.  Great things are happening! 

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