Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Thirty-day in the land" Feb. 2018

Meet Elder and Sister Wheeler.  They have been serving in Moscow, Russia and have transferred to Denmark.  We are so blessed to have them.  They will be working with the YSA group in Fredericia.  Denmark is very blessed with faithful and talented senior missionaries. 
One of our favorite meetings is the "thirty day in the land" training.  Missionaries who have been in the land for just thirty days come to the mission home with their trainers to receive three days of training.  They're trained on Charity, how to be better epistles of the Lord, how to find, how to begin teaching, repentance, how to use time wisely, etc.  After three days, we feel that we know them personally much better.  It's a wonderful time to answer questions and bring them up to date on our past zone conferences.
They arrive Tuesday evening to a dinner of kabobs and fruit.

Ready to begin.
A spiritual thought, prayer and snack before bedtime.
Nougat bits, fruit and yogurt seems to be a favorite snack.

With 10 sisters, they slept downstairs in a room with 14 beds.  Ready and waiting for breakfast...

Food is prepared the night before by me, and President puts it in the oven in the morning and makes preparations for breakfast burritos.
There's never a shortage of help in the kitchen.
He's a great help in the kitchen:)

Here's our traditional "Where's Waldo" picture...
Our assitants are such effective teachers with much experience and great advise.
We went to lunch at a nearby Italian pizza place.  They are so welcoming to our missionaries and bring out so many kinds of pizza.

This pizza had whole anchovies...not exactly our typical favorite.  Some of the missionaries were brave enough to try it.
Like these two sisters.  It's only right since one of them wants to be a marine biologist some day.  They said it wasn't too bad but not their favorite...
Here are our newest arriving missionaries.  Free ice cream for everyone!
Dinner began with homemade tomato soup...and a little cream:)

Baked chicken croissant sandwiches and oven grilled potatoes.  Then Oreo cheesecake for dessert.
At this training meeting, there are many opportunities to Role Play.  Below is a trainer who is one of our most senior and experienced elders.  Here is his guilty face when he realized he had gone through Presidents office cupboards (role playing a thief) and forgot to put the personal checks back.  Mystery solved!

Baked french toast breakfast.

Training in Copenhagen.

Dominos pizza and fruit for lunch before the temple session and travling home.

Our picture before going through the temple session.  (There was construction in front of the temple steps, so we used a stairway.)  We are very impressed by the desire, dedication, faithfulness and endurance of these missionaries.  They are wonderful teachers and are effective in bringing people to Christ.  Missions are not easy by any means, but they bless our lives everyday as well as the lives of others.  We love these disciples.  Denmark is blessed.

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