Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fredericia Zone Conference March 2018

This Zone Conference was on The Plan f Salvation.  President trained on it for better understanding and the assistants trained on effectively teaching it.  It was a wonderful training!  The day begins with a meet and greet as they see many of missionaries not seen for months.

Decorations for Easter lunch

Elder and Sister Fonnesbeck are the senior couple in charge of YSA, apartment up-keep and the lunch after Zone Conference.  We are grateful for them and they are loved by the missionaries.

Ready to begin.
White hand book training.
Language training.
The danish birthday song is an active one...

Introduction of Sister Van Wagenen by her trainer Sister Livingston.
Bearing her testimony in Danish.
Introduction of Elder Friedbaum bu his trainer Elder Anderson.
Bearing his testimony in danish.

Role playing is a very effective for preparing to teach.

You can always observe when missionaries are busy at church:-)
Lunch was delicious with honey baked ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, rolls and snicker ice cream bars.

Each year we have one conference where they can choose an activity afterward.  This zone chose indoor relay games.  Teams were chosen...

Rock, Paper sizzors...

Three unsuspecting "volunteers".
Egg dropping games in the cold and wind...

Emptying the Kleenex box the fastest
Fastest consuming of a long licorice

Find the "one" skittle

Some took longer than
Wrap the mummy
Consume the cookie by wriggling it from nose to hands!

Knocking over the water hands

Toss the ping pong ball into the glass

These missionaries are remarkable.  They are working hard to become effective listeners and teachers.  Denmark is blessed by their presence in every way.  The members love and depend on them.  We love observing them become more Christ-like and we just love them...period.

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